Hi Player !
You play as a cursed man, who wandered in the forest. He meets the old man who told him that he could heal him if you succeed to find the 3 artefacts hidden in the forest. But when you're travelling through the forest, your curse take slowly possession of you. When you feel in danger, go back near to the old man, he can heal you a bit. 
Will you  succeed to get the 3 artefacts before your curse consums you ?

PS : We use AZERTY keyboard to create this game, so check the commands before playing (in the screenshot or in "Commands" in game).

LuLu_Lumia : https://lulu-lumia.itch.io/
jiukka : https://jiukka.itch.io/

Heeyyyy ! It's our second game jam ! So here is our game ! Hoping you'll have fun with
it ! ^-^


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